Ridge Investigative Services - Vancouver, BC
Ridge Investigative Services - Vancouver, BC

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Garth D. Dunn
Former police officer with a background in criminal intelligence, drug enforcement, video surveillance, investigations, gangs, motor vehicle accident scene investigation, criminal and civil analyst, life skills facilitator, lecturer, and undercover operative.  
Mr. Dunn is also a Forensic Identification Technician with a comprehensive knowledge of crime scene evaluations and evidence collection.  His law enforcement background includes plain-clothes operations with street gangs and drug enforcement.  Mr. Dunn conducts examinations for the purposes of collecting evidence at industrial accidents and incident scenes.  He also participates in international projects including pipeline network and associated energy facility security evaluations. 
Garth is also a founding member of the Private Investigators Association of British Columbia.

To contact Garth:

Phone: 604-240-0492
Fax: 1-888-841-5864